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TrustPort Internet Security 2013 FULL

TrustPort Internet Security 2013 [Multi]

TrustPort Internet Security 2013 [Multi] | 311MB
Language: Russian , English, French and other

TrustPort Internet Security 2013 - complete protection for your computer and data from malware , online and network threats. Comprehensive antivirus detects viruses and spyware and prevents attempts by hackers to access your computer .

TrustPort Internet Security 2013 detects viruses and spyware at all levels of logging in , and prevents attempts by hackers to gain access to your computer and important information.

Anti-virus protection allows not only to continuously monitor accessed files , but at the same time to scan files incoming e -mail or downloaded from the Internet .

Comprehensive anti-virus module also contains TrustPort Portunes for joint and simultaneous storage of confidential data on your computer and mobile device.
The main components of TrustPort Internet Security 2013:
• File Anti-Virus
• Anti-Spyware
• The inspector applications
• Parental Control
• Web-based antivirus
• Personal firewall
• Portable USB- antivirus
• Recovery discs
• Email protection
• Online data synchronization

Main features of TrustPort Internet Security 2013:
The file system protection
• The resident protection continuously monitors open files and prevents malicious program from starting. At scheduled intervals integrated antivirus conducts preventive check the entire disk. The use of two effective anti-virus engines AVG and Bitdefender, TrustPort Internet Security capabilities to detect malicious code are one of the best anti-virus solutions .

Online protection
• Web pages are the most common source of virus infections, so the Web Anti-Virus scans all files when downloaded from the Internet. You can automatically identify data streams such as audio and video that can not be scanned . Detected and blocked by the typical phishing sites .

E-mail Security
• E- mail scanned for spam and malicious attachments . Is a full integration into Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail , and The Bat. It is also possible to check all incoming messages from any given client .

Personal firewall
• TrustPort Internet Security 2013 monitors all communication between the computer and the external networks . The firewall automatically detects known and trusted applications will allow them to use the Internet connection . Unknown or suspicious applications are blocked , or in some cases , you will be prompted to allow or block them. Comprehensive TrustPort Antivirus offers a wide range of firewall settings used .

Parental Control
• The application distinguishes several categories of unwanted Web content, such as porn sites or gambling sites . You can lock these resources in order to protect your children from inappropriate content . Individual users can create their own profile with respect to block certain categories.

Portable Antivirus
• TrustPort Internet Security 2013 offers the ability to create a portable version of antivirus software on the USB- flash -drive. Data stored on flash media will always be protected , while at the same time , you will have the opportunity to test any computer via USB drive .

Improvements and changes:
- Support for Windows ADK to create a Windows PE CD in Windows 8
- Optimized for the engine update Vipre ( for servers)
- Improved the update AVG
- Fixed log antivirus
- Optimized the function of treatment
- Fixed: Compatibility " Inspector apps" with Windows Server 2012
- Improvements " Inspector apps" in a network environment

The procedure for treatment :
Enter submitted for review key in the registration activation code during installation
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System requirements :
Windows All 32/64
Recommended system requirements:
- Intel Pentium IV or compatible
- 512 MB ??of RAM
- 500 MB of available hard disk space


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